Water is nice, but there are better cocktail mixers. You can concoct an ice cold drink with a lot more ingredients than plain old water.  It may be the key to life, but in a cocktail, it can dilute – well, quite literally water down, all the hard work that goes into making one. There’s a whole world of frozen cocktail mixers out there!

You can make ice twice as nice by making it out of something else. We’ve put together a few ideas to spice up your ice (and liquor) with fruit, wine, coffee, and more. Check out this article featuring all sorts of ideas for your next party.

Some notable and nice ice ideas:
-freeze leftover coffee to mix into sweet coffee cocktails; with liqueur or whiskey
-freeze orange juice for a refreshing mimosa on a hot summer morning
-freeze lemons, oranges and grapefruits to add fresh citrus to your drinks

Check out some more fancy ice cube concepts here.

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